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Monsters, Magic, and Machines (The SteamGoth Anthology)

Monsters, Magic, and Machines (The SteamGoth Anthology) - Jonathan Baird, Bruce Blackistone, John Raposa The two stars reflect the two tales I enjoyed. One was about a demon on an airship ("The Curse of the Cygnus"), the other was about a lass from the 21st Century taken into an alternative reality.
The others? Some of the authors ought to be told that there are other punctuation marks besides full stops. Rambling sentences that are really paragraphs. Another uses "thru" and "Dr's" instead of "through" and "doctor's". This laziness meant I refused to read further.
Some of the stories had promise, but not lived up to.

I would happily read further adventures of the ones mentioned in the first paragraph. Besides those; no thanks.