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My Boss is a Nutjob

My Boss is a Nutjob - Hank Nimbus UPDATE: This book seems to have been removed from the Amazon UK website

The story is OK. Private investigator with a secretary that reminds him of his late wife. Searching for a man with gambling addiction, ran off with cash from a company.

Side case - in there just for side line

The writing style gets a little boron though. Everything is either a "f**ker", a "pile of s***" or similar terms. Women have chests (all large and referred to in various ways), and we are reminded this every paragraph or so.
The story comes to a satisfactory conclusion, leaving 13% (according to the Kindle) to pile on the sex scene ... a few quick clicks later and the story finishes.

As I said; OK but it had potential to be a lot better.
There is a sequel, but I'm not sure if I will get it or not