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Life is a Beautiful Thing: (Book Three) (Cyberpunk Science Fiction Series)

Life is a Beautiful Thing: (Book Three) (Cyberpunk Science Fiction Series) - Harmon Cooper The third in the series and, from the start, I should say I received a free copy of this book.

This story is much easier to follow than the first one, perhaps due to the fact Meme doesn't spend so much time out of his head. Or it could just be that I am used to the style now. I'm not going to give away the plot, but it concerns the usual protagonists - Yes; you do need to read the first two for it to make sense - and a few twists on what you'd expect.

On the whole a very enjoyable and reasonably short read. There are some formatting errors, but this may have happened during the conversion to Kindle format. However, a couple of times the author had a correct spelling for a different word (steal instead of steel, IIRR). Then there was "wallah" at one point; I'm prepared to accept this as a corruption of "voila" at the time the story is set (generous to a fault) but it did grate on me!

That said, I would recommend this to anyone who has read the first books in the series.