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A Cure to Die For: A Medical Thriller

A Cure to Die For: A Medical Thriller - Stephen G. Mitchell The premise of this book is great; a universal cure-all is discovered and the big drugs companies are running scared and will stop at nothing to halt it.
Two; one minor and one REALLY annoying one.
Firstly some passages are a little rambling to say the least. Nothing a few Kindle clicks won't solve.
The major one that really got on my nerves was the false cliffhanger at the end of nearly every chapter. Similar to "little did they know that the dinner they put in the oven would be their last for a very long time". It reminded me of the early Dr Who or even Buster Crabbe in the Flash Gordon's... "Will he survive? Tune in next week".
It really ruins the flow for me, otherwise I'd have been hedging on 3/4*