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Epsilon Eridani Marooned in Space

Epsilon Eridani Marooned in Space - John Jones I fought to finish this... and almost gave up several times!
First the plot. Pilot of a moon shuttle meets girl-fugitive (we know how that will end). Shuttle takes off and gets dragged into deep space. Mutiny; crash; lots of "adventures". All's well in the end.
Style? SciFi pulp, mixed with Flash Gordon. Crisis - fight bravely - conclusion - repeat. The number of times Wes nearly dies is incredible. As for Cory, her avoidance of death is ... well, there's the Flash Gordon reference again.
(Sorry if you think these are spoilers, but it spoils itself as it is!)

The main problem (yup - the story is a minor issue) is the proof reading or, rather, lack of it. We have a "baron landscape", "anti-chambers" and the use of the simple mechanical device, the "leaver". The author should of (sic) had the "presents of mind" to get this checked before publishing it.

In summary: Can't really recommend this one