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Post-Human Series Books 1-4

Post-Human Series Books 1-4 - David Simpson Technically I have only read three out of the four, but as it seems to have been a Trilogy at one time I'm not bothered!
The tale is a rambling space opera, showing the evolution of the human race from one or two special people up through a major cataclysm to an ultimate metamorphosis. There are times when influences can be seen, especially the Borg from Star Trek in the third book, complete with a collective and assimilation of others.
Throughout this yarn several people - -major characters - die. Then are resurrected in one way or another. Then die again. Then don't.
When things go wrong some major technological god from the machine fixes it.

Why three stars then? There was enough to keep me interested for most of the three books I read. Towards the end though it was almost skimming to get to see what the end would bring. It was free, and the fifth book has just been released for the same price. However, I don't see me reading it in the near future.