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The Advocate's Geocache (The Advocate Series Book 7)

The Advocate's Geocache (The Advocate Series Book 7) - Teresa Burrell I came across a link to this book via the UK Geocaching group on Facebook, so I thought I'd give it a go. I was concerned that I would be a little out of my depth, starting the series at number 7 but this was not the case. There are enough pointers to who each person was, without all the recap of previous books for half the first chapter.
As for the story; political intrigue, a murder plot, and an illegitimate son to a wannabe actress/singer. The story revolves around a series of geocaches, each leading to the next and mysteriously disappearing after being found (so don't try to find them at geocaching.com!). Some of the puzzles were so easy that you wondered how they could get them so wrong. There are a surprising number of 'cachers involved (enough for an event cache) but this is to keep you guessing. And when you think you've guessed it ... well; that would be telling!