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Nanowhere - Chris Howard I'm about halfway through Nanowhere
On the face of it you'd think it was "Young Adult", but you would be wrong - a lot more gruesome. Also tough going in places with the pseudoscience and the rambling bits ... hit the clicker and you can treat them the same way as Tolkein's songs and poems in LOTR!

I'm going to finish it, but only because I want to see how it ends

UPDATE: Finished it. So as not to spoil it for others I'll just say I'm not sure how it ends. There is a good conclusion to the overall story, but the relationship between the two main characters is left open, as well as the missing ghost. What happens in the last 10% was, frankly, disappointing. Again it reminded me of the appendices in other books where it obviously took a lot of work but I hadn't the inclination to read it all.